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Are You Going on Vacation?




Guest blogger, Bill Bregar wants to make your vacation worry free when you are away from home. Use the following items as a vacation checklist:





One week prior to your trip:


  • Notify Newspaper to suspend from ________________  to  ________________
  • Notify Trash Collector to suspend pickups until you return.
  • Arrange with a neighbor to watch your home. Supply them with a key, alarm code, account number and phone number to the Central Station.
  • Contact your alarm central station; tell them the dates you will be gone, a phone number where you can be reached and who is watching your home.
  • Make arrangements for the watering of your lawn, bedding plants and house plants.
  • If you have Pets, make arrangements for them. If they are to be kept at home, now is the time to purchase enough food for them while you are away.


Two days prior to your trip:


  • Set up several lamps on timers around your home. Set the timers for different times. They should mimic your normal activity. Timers with varying on/off features are best. Starting them several days prior to your departure gives you time to insure they are working. A timer on a radio will also portray a more lived-in appearance.
  • Notify your neighbor of the arrangements you have made. You may wish to post this form by a phone or inside a kitchen cabinet for their use.


Before you leave your home:


  • Turn off your alarm clock.
  • Set heat or air conditioning back.
  • Set hot water heater to vacation setting.
  • Shut off water to washing machine, both hot and cold valves. Otherwise a burst line could flood your home until discovered by your neighbor or you.
  • Turn off your ice maker, if you have that option.
  • Turn off the coffee maker, stove, kitchen appliances, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Turn off phone ringers. Burglars will stand outside and call your number with a cellular phone.
  • Arm the alarm system.


In Cold Climates:


  • Shut off main water valve.
  • Open sink faucets.
  • Leave sink cabinet doors open on any sinks installed on an outside wall to prevent freezing.
  • Shut off valves to Toilet tanks.
  • Shut off water to outside faucets, then drain them to prevent pipe ruptures.



Bill Bregar has over 30 years of retail loss prevention and security experience.  He is President of Loss Prevention Systems, Inc., ( a Georgia based firm that specializes in retail loss prevention, anti-shoplifting strategies, employee theft investigations, and security.  He can be contacted at 770-426-7593 or by email at [email protected].


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