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How to Find Your Neighborhood's Crime Stats

Do you know the crime statistics of your home, neighborhood, and city? This information can help you stay safe and aware.

1. To learn about crime nationally, check out the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports. You can compare crime rates across decades.

2. To track crime in your area, refer to websites such as and  

Create an alert or update for your community so you can quickly learn about nearby crime reports.

3. Your municipal and county law enforcement agencies also provide information on their own websites, such as The Atlanta Police Department.

4. News stations are other important souces. For example, the AJC has a search engine connected to the police department’s crime reports.

 Although crime statistics can be valuable information, remember that not every crime is reported to police. Also, if you use this date to compare areas, keep in mind that because each location is unique, this method might be unreliable (1).

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