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Crime Stoppers Tweet-a-Thon!

Ready? Set? Tweet! Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta will participate in the Crime Stoppers global tweet-a-thon on December 5th beginning at 8AM. The event will take place via Twitter using the hashtag #CStwt. make sure you are following us on Twitter @StopCrimeATL.

The Crime Stoppers Tweet-a-thon is a global online event that will be held on December 5, 2014 beginning at 8:00am and lasting for 24 hours in each timezone. The event will take place via Twitter using the hashtag #CStwt. The event is modeled after #PolTwt, developed by LAwS Communications. The first PolTwt happened in March of 2013 connecting police officers and law enforcement agencies around the world with the communities and citizens they serve. #CStwt aims to emulate the success of #PolTwt by developing and fostering online relationships between Crime Stoppers and the public.


There are several ways to participate in #CStwt. Crime Stoppers programs at local, county/regional, provincial/state & national or international levels may choose any of the following options


1. Tweet all current/historical unsolved cases & appeals for information

2. Tweet about a specific topic eg. Missing persons, Homicides, Trafficking

3. Tweet about procedural and operational aspects of Crime Stoppers to educate the public

Programs wishing to participate are asked to visit to register. Only Twitter accounts should be registered. Participants must use the hashtag #CStwt in every tweet during the 24 Hour period. Participants may register their program accounts and/or individual accounts. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be registered. 

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